My stance

  • Unity - A lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.
  • Dedication - A genius is not born, but is educated and trained.
  • Consistency - Habits shape your identity.


  • Programming Languages:
  •     Python, C, C++, HTML, CSS, SQL

  • Concepts:
  •     DSA, Cloud Computing,
        Software Development, Software Testing,
        Web Development,Computer Networks,
        Proxies, Cybersecurity

  • Operating Systems:
  •     Windows, Linux, MacOS, WSL

  • Developer Tools:
  •     VMware, Git, Docker, GoLogin,
        VS Code,PyCharm, Selenium, Atom

  • Other Skills:
  •     Presentation, Communication,
        writing(English, Hindi, Kannada, Arabic)


  • Masters in Computer Application,
  • National Institute of Technology Karnataka.
    08/2022--05/2025. Surathkal, Karnataka.

  • Bachelors in Computer Application 
  • Mangalore University.
    05/2019--08/2022. Mangalore, Karnataka.


  • 1ˢᵗ Place in South India Tech Talk 
  • SEMAPHORE Event held at NMAM Institute of Technology (NITTE).

  • 2ⁿᵈ Place in Best IT Manager Event 
  • TERAHERTZ Event held at CANARA College.

    Fluent Languages

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Kannada
  • Beary/Malayalam
  • Tulu

    • BillerV2

      Billing and inventory management application developed using Python with no installation required. This application facilitates tracking of products/items received from distributors and offers features such as a search bar, item sorting, reviewing past bills, modifying product information, and generating invoices as PDF output.

    • Budgetify

      This application assists in tracking daily expenses, managing budgets, and generating reports.

    About Me

    I am a tech enthusiast and problem solver. With a passion for coding and innovation, I'm constantly seeking ways to push the boundaries of technology. When I'm not immersed in lines of code, you can find me reading a book, playing chess, or seeking inspiration in the beauty of nature.

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